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About Walquiria Stark

Apart from being a passionate advocate for natural healing, Walquiria is the owner and founder of Professional Massage Therapy in Kensington, London. She is fluent in Portuguese and English as well. Here are some facts you need to know about her. 

Areas of Interest

Walquiria’s interest in Biology and Anatomy, two essential sciences for medicine, began while she was still in school. Her interest in anatomy developed further while she was qualifying in Clinical Pathology. It was also during that time that her interest in massage as a therapeutic technique for whiplash and neck problems started. Walquiria is also qualified in Iridology, the science of diagnosis of health problems through the eyes.

A Unique Perspective in Massage

As part of a holistic approach to healing and rebalancing the mind with the body, Walquiria utilizes the Ayurvedic massage techniques. This dates back to a period when such techniques were said to be a gift of the gods to wise men who in turn, taught physicians how to use them. 

Bringing the Technique to Life

With a firm conviction on the efficacy of massage, Walquiria developed her own techniques for preserving the suppleness of the face through facial exercise. These can be found in her book.

What We Do